Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Walkin' Across the USA

i met a couple of guys, a few weeks ago at starbucks. we struck up a conversation as they were telling the people around me about their adventure across the USA. i thought they were joking at first, until they pulled out their business cards...they were all the way serious!

Daren started a non-profit organization called the earth expedition (www.theearthexpedition.com). He has already walked from georgia to canada in a previous expedition. But this time Brian has joined him to trek from california to georgia. The purpose of this walk across the country and eventually the world, is to raise awareness for blood-water missions. The purpose of blood water missions is to build water wells all over the world with clean, disease free water. the statistics supporting death due to unclean water is astounding and these two guys in their mid-twenties want to see change! 

i got the opportunity to take these guys to dinner a couple of days later and really got to understand their purpose. they simply stated that they are apart of something bigger than themselves. it really excited me to see the passion these guys had...to walk across the united states? that's awesome and insane and dangerous! i guess the best thing i took away from listening to their experiences is understanding that God really can change the world with his love! i'm sure if a conversation was started they would be happy to share their faith, but they want clean water...all over the world, so people don't die from something that can be prevented. I believe in this, because I believe that Jesus will change the world through this.


Blogger austin said...

thats exciting man, i'm glad you got to take them to lunch. and youre right, it is a bit dangerous.. i mean, do you remember when we tried to go running that night in mystic? i almost stopped a jeep with my face.

really though, how great to be a part of something grand, something bigger than you or a team or even a cause. the kingdom is bigger than all of these things. its more than an idea...

great post bsimp.

March 1, 2009 at 7:18 PM  

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